Booking Terms and Conditions

All bookings are not confirmed until a booking operator confirms availability or a confirmation email or text message is received with the Driver’s name and phone number.

Payment is pre-paid by credit card only or account billed, no cash is accepted for bookings. 

All changes to a confirmed booking, require notice of 2 hours prior to the confirmed pick up time. These changes must be confirmed by the booking operator. 

Changes to confirmed bookings are subject to availability. 

When changes to the booking incur further charges, these will be debited automatically at the time of the change or on conclusion of the journey.

Client agrees to their information being used for the immediate, direct and indirect purposes of booking with Angel Drivers and it’s affiliates.

Client agrees to their credit card being charged immediately, retained on file for future use and if applicable, on completion of the journey for any additional charges in accordance with these guidelines. 

  • If our driver arrives at or within 15 minutes of the collection address and within 45 minutes of the booked pick up time, and client chooses to cancel, full fee is payable.

  • If our driver arrives within 15 minutes of collection address and customer changes their pick up time to more than 60 minutes later – a call out fee of $80 can be applied, if an alternative Angel can be sought for their preferred pick up time otherwise wait time rates apply.

  • If our driver arrives at the pick up address, and client is not contactable, the driver will wait and continue to attempt contact, for up to 15 minutes before leaving.

  • Cancellations require 2 hours notice or full fare is payable, except on NYE and Christmas Day – these bookings require 24 hours notice or full fee is payable. Race Days including Melbourne Cup Day require 5 hours notice. 

  • Changes to a confirmed booking of either the collection or destination address could alter the initial fare quoted on booking and may incur further charges. Refunds are not given if the distance becomes less than the original booking. 

  • On Call Rates are charged at $80 per hour. 

  • Out of Area Rates are charged at normal calculated rates plus a $100 fee where the driver is required to drive further than 1.5 hours.

  • ALL Festivals: Additional $50 charge is added to fares $200 and under and booking times are set to ensure the least wait time. 

  • Additional Fees apply for the following:

  1. Peak hour: 7:00am – 9:00am and 4:00pm – 6:00pm, Monday to Friday. All bookings with a collection time between these hours will incur a further charge of $20. 

  2. After Hours: 11:55pm – 6:59am Friday – Sunday. All bookings with a pick up time between these hours will incur a further charge of $50. *This charge does not apply if the driver is running late. 

  3. Wait time is charged at $80 per hour pro rata, and applies from the actual time the Driver advises client they have arrived, from the 6th minute pro rata. Wait time from midnight to 6am is charged at $120 per hour.  

  4. Additional fees apply for stops that take longer than 5 minutes. 

  5. Additional fees apply for an overflow of passengers from the customer vehicle and is subject to the discretion of the co-driver. 

  6. Additional fees apply for changes to our preferred route and for secondary journeys, including unscheduled stops. 

  7. Where total passengers being transported exceed 7, an additional $5 per passenger is charged.  

  8. Where a special licenced driver is required for transportation an additional $150 Fee is charged. 

  9. For bookings with 5 or more stops, a minimum booking fee of $60 will be charged per stop instead of from Point A to Point B. 

  10. One stop per hour where travel time exceeds 55 minutes is included free of charge and for the Health and Safety of our drivers. 

  • To ensure our service meets high demand on special dates, a HD (High Demand) surcharge is applied in addition to the standard fare calculated on our website. See below:

  1. Christmas Day (25th December – $100)

  2. Boxing Day (26th December – $50)

  3. New Years Eve (31st December – $100) All bookings between 10am – 4am

  4. New Years Day (1st January – $50) All bookings between 10am – 4am

  5. Australia Day (26th January – $50)

  6. Good Friday (date varies annually – $50) 

  7. Melbourne Cup Spring Carnival Race Days – $50. From Flemington Racecourse – Please note that all bookings are VEHICLE ONLY.

  8. Melbourne Cup Day (1st Tuesday of November – $50) All other bookings not from Flemington Racecourse.

The client will be charged the above surcharge prior to arrival on the day of the booking.

Client confirms the vehicle being transported is currently registered. It is the Client’s responsibility to check their insurance policy includes additional drivers over 30. 

Client confirms the vehicle is road worthy and contains enough fuel to complete the journey, otherwise our driver will stop to refuel.

Extra’s paid for by the driver for the client will be charged back to the clients account on completion of the journey. 

Client confirms their booking details have been checked carefully and are accurate.

Client agrees to take full responsibility for the vehicle in the event of an accident caused by a third party. These claims should be made on the insurance applicable to the vehicle. In the unlikely event that an accident is the fault of our driver, our driver will only cover the insurance excess or repairs up to a maximum of $1000. If the customers vehicle is not comprehensively insured, no liability is accepted.

All credit card refunds incur a $5 processing fee or the option to save the fee for a future booking is available at no extra cost.

Whilst unforeseen delays do occur from time to time, our driver will always get to you and make every effort to communicate these delays. Compensation is not provided in these instances, cancellation with full refund is provided if driver is expected more than 1 hour after booked time and the client is unable to wait. No further compensation is provided for babysitters or taxis in the event of unforseen delays. A credit may be offered on an Angel Drivers Customer Account for future bookings.  


Bookings are transferrable – however where a client chooses to allow another person to use their booking and our Angel Drivers completes the booking, Angel Drivers refuses any liability associated with retrieving the payment for this trip, including any extra charges accrued on this trip. 

Angel Drivers reserves the right to use an associated company should an Angel Drivers are unavailable. Client understands additional charges may apply.

Angel Drivers reserves the right to refuse or cancel a service for any reason. 

Our drivers are bound by the laws governing road rules. Any infringements such as speeding or speed cameras will be the personal liability of our drivers.

These terms and conditions are subject to change, without notice.